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Membership Fees & Downloads

Please fill in the appropriate membership form AND the SLSGB form and send them to the membership secretary (address details are on the forms).

Download SLSGB form here or to join SLSGB online please follow the instructions at

Please contact for further information.

CategoryFeeSummary DescriptionDownloads
Senior Active£77.00 (Includes £25 SLSGB membership)


Eligible to use club craft (when SLSGB Level 2 qualified), use the gym, take SLSGB awards, take part in competitions and join in suitable training sessions.

Expected to carry out beach patrols.

Student£57.00 (Includes £25 SLSGB membership)

Members aged 17 and over by 31 st August of membership year and in full time education.

Same as full active members.

Junior£57.00 (Includes £25 SLSGB membership and fees for SLSGB Level 2 awards)

Members aged 12 to 16 by 31st August of the membership year.

Expected to attend 80% of junior training sessions.

Expected to take SLSGB awards and take part in competitions.

Expected to carry out beach patrols if 14 or over by 31 st August.

Juniors aged 15 years and over on 31 st August who hold the SLSGB Level 2 board qualification may use training boards without supervision as long as they first gain permission from a Senior member who holds the surf lifeguard qualification.

Juniors aged 15 years and over on 31 st August may use the gym as long as they have completed a gym induction.

At least one parent/carer of all juniors school years 7 to 10 must join as a Helper-Coach

Helper-Coach£35.00 (Includes £25 SLSGB membership)

Adults who coach or parent/carers who help (e.g. chaperones) at junior training sessions but don't require the privileges of fully active members.

Eligible to join in specific supervised training sessions.

Can take coaching qualifications.

Invited to help with patrols.

Has use of the club facilities when helping or taking part in organised activities.

Please note members of this category are not entitled to use club craft except as part of a coaching session.

Country£42.00 (Includes £25 SLSGB membership)

Members whose normal residence is more than 50 miles from Bude.

Same as full active members.


Social membership, not members of SLSGB.

There is a 10% total club membership fee reduction for a Senior Active member with two or more additional members of the same immediate family (this discount does not apply to the £25 SLSGB part of the membership).

The fees for Seniors, Intermediates, Juniors, Coaches, Helper-Coach, Country and Friend 2 members are inclusive of SLSGB fees. If paying your SLSGB part online then subtract £25.00 when sending membership fees via post to our membership secretary.

Craft Use

Full active members are welcome to take out training surf craft (rescue boards and surf skis) when they have achieved their SLSGB level 2 award for competence in using the appropriate craft. The craft awards depend on successful prior completion of a level 2 surf swim award and all awards can be gained by attending training sessions. Dates for adult training will be set early in the new year; juniors will complete the awards as part of their training

The level 2 craft awards last your lifetime whereas the surf swim must be renewed every two years.

All junior club members aged 15 and over who hold the level 2 board award can take out training boards as long as an adult club member who holds the NaRS Lifeguard qualification has okayed it (conditions suitable etc.).

This adult member does not need to be on the beach but their name must be recorded on the whiteboard. Juniors with a level 2 ski award may use skis when supervised by a club ski supervisor.

Please take out only the designated training craft and sign in and out when you use craft. Competition craft is reserved for specific training purposes and should only be used under pre-agreed circumstances as this equipment needs to be kept in top condition for competition.

Damage can lead to ingress of water, reducing the performance of the craft. We realise accidents happen but it is important that equipment is maintained for all to enjoy so please report any damage.