POINT SCORE Sunday 20th July

No Nippers and parents were present this time as the Nippers were at Portreath competing at the Cornish Championships. However the entire Hammond family took part which added to the entertainment. The sheer determination to beat his sons in the flags was evident in Simon’s facial expressions and he managed to knock them out one by one leading to his being in a final show down with Marley. Marley had had a pretty easy ride through to the final by making sure he was as far away from Simon as possible and the strain and effort by Simon thus far took its toll so, whilst Simon was still able to spring nimbly to his feet, Marley just pipped him for speed across the sand.

The beach and wade relays were very closely contested with Ron Cann giving his team the edge with surprising speed for a person of his vintage. Chloe and Abbie in very friendly fashion took turns being in front, one in the sprint across the beach and the other in the wade around Vicko.

There is no Point Score next week (27th) but all hands on deck would be much appreciated to help set up for the Poldark Fayre.


POINT SCORE Sunday 29th June

An attendance of twenty people with the welcome inclusion of many old stalwarts meant we could run four teams of five people. The beach relay was a close contest with Mini showing that he still has good pace making up ground in his lap to take his dream team of Zerran, Ella, Sue and Josie into first place. In Graham’s team Deb Fox competing with daughter Frances proved she has speed even with an injury and with other sprinters Darren and Chloe they came in a very close second.

We ran 3 sessions of flags to cater for Nippers Juniors and Seniors. The junior flags was a particularly fierce battle and two run offs had to be held due to no one wanting to relinquish the challenge. Jacob managed to wind himself falling on his flag so he removed himself for a rest, although there was a suggestion that this may have been to disguise his poor state in recovering from the night before. Jack who had been eliminated due to not spotting a free flag right at his feet giving someone else the opportunity to steal it, nobly took Jacob’s place. Sporty Sophie, Chloe and Josie were all very quick off the mark and Sophie’s fitness was on display as she had to take part in two run offs but remained fast. Very keen Nipper Ella was determined to stand up to the big boys so joined in with the juniors and remarkably stayed in right to the end to have to compete with flag super-star Zerran for the final flag.

The senior flags event was even worse and needed the stern eye of “Jump Judge” Ron (who had exited the competition early due to being too fast and without glasses unable to see flags remaining in the sand) to make sure rules were strictly adhered to. The desire to vanquish the opposition resulted in two disqualifications but to their credit both competitors owned up to their very excitable early starts. Sue Barton was thrown in at the deep end having not taken part in a flags competition before but she showed great potential remaining in for several rounds. Nic Hammond played a very tactical game allowing the boys to scrap over one flag whilst she calmly picked up the free flag that was being ignored. This strategy paid off for several rounds and Nic stayed in to be last woman standing. She then risked life and limb to get the action shots displayed, no wonder some were blurry! The final was a very close battle between old boys Rollo and Rich with Rich being the victor. Rich and Rollo were in the same team which gave their team that included Tavita, Nic and Jack the best scores in the flags.

The deciding event was the wade around Vicko. Russell’s team with speed-waders Ron, Jacob (slightly recovered), Alison and Sophie (by now fairly tired) set a demanding pace. In Rich’s team Tavita showed his mettle keeping up with bigger people to get around Vicko but was disadvantaged by a pot hole in the sand that came up to Tavita’s waist but was only knee high for others. Graham’s experienced wading technique helped his team to a lead, backed up by Darren, Stacey, Deb and Chloe. However Mini set off with all things flying (!) and took a tactical route through the sea heading wide right before backing towards Vicko and his team managed to cross the line first.


POINT SCORE Sunday 8th June

Attendance continues to increase and Liz and Deb bravely headed up two closely matched teams. The age range spanned from single figures to over 50s with several teenagers, ideal!

We had to go to Summerleaze to find enough sand due to the mid tide state and even then had to go near the river for the wade. There were good changeovers in the relay with very speedy sprinting although Stephen needed a lie down after having to run twice.

There was plenty of heckling amongst the competitors during the flags which became a hard fought contest. Deb stayed in for several rounds and Tavita, the youngest present, stayed in for 3 rounds showing the Moyle determination and making Grandmother, who it was lovely to have spectating, very proud.

The relay wade was very aggressive and I was amused that Marley, on drenching me as he ran around me as marker, guffawed whilst his competitor Tessa apologised several times for even a slight splash. Stephen used me as a pivot taking the inside line against Mark who fell over but decided not to take it to the protest committee. Ron was exceptionally speedy and gave his team an advantage so they overcame their beach relay loss. Most impressive was Frances, a competitor to look out for.

POINT SCORE Sunday 1st June

There was a good number of brave people taking part in Point Score today. It was impossible to find a stone-free section of beach and the length of the beach relay course was not for the faint-hearted.

We had more Nippers joining in and family groups from the Patons, Moyles and Lynes along with family supporters meant a loyal crowd with considerable banter in the wings.

It was brilliant to have Rich Moyle take part, casually appearing in his baggies, who went on to prove he hasn’t lost his skills only just being pipped for the final flag by flags gold medal holder Zerran. Jess Lynes kept up the senior female end displaying fabulous athleticism working in a team with daughter Verity; Jess was disappointed that Ron wasn’t there to battle with her in the flags.

The contests were very closely fought with the teams being almost neck and neck at the end and tea and bacon butties afterwards were as usual very much appreciated by all.

POINT SCORE starts May 25th, 11am

Point score is a fun activity for all and is a great way to meet new members and do something mildly active on a Sunday morning. Come every week or just join in whenever you are free.

You will be put into a very mixed team and teams compete against each other in a few fun events: usually flags, a beach relay and a wading relay.

Teams have from Nippers to senior citizens in them so don’t feel you have to be an athletic super star to take part.

Afterwards come to the club house for a bacon buttie a cuppa and a chat. Or just come for the bacon buttie part if you don’t feel active.

Once again, everyone is welcome – the more the merrier and the greater the spread of ages the better.

It starts on Sunday 25th May at 11am and continues throughout the summer. Meet at the club house ready to get wet.

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