Vicko's Surf Carnival 2014

Our pictures (see Gallery for more) show the glories of Vicko’s Surf Carnival on Summerleaze Beach last week. 83 competitors took part. These ranged from the smallest nipper to masters who perhaps shouldn’t have been allowed on the beach without a designated carer.

Summerleaze beach rang with the cries of happy children, supportive parents and the occasional howl of a master pondering the necessity of hamstring replacement therapy.

There were four teams: Kennedy, Cloke, Vickery and Moyle. They were all made up of a fine mixture of ages and abilities. The eventual winners were team Moyle. But the day wasn’t about winning. It was a celebration of the team spirit which makes good and effective surf lifesaving. Values that at Bude SLSC we will always place highly.

At the end of the afternoon everyone returned to the clubhouse and ate their own bodyweight in tuna fish sandwiches and Tunnock’s caramel wafers.

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