Women's Training 2013

Women’s Training Blog 2013


The first women’s training session is on Sunday 12th May at 6:30pm at the club house. All women members aged 16 and over including parent coaches are welcome to take part. Potential new members are also invited to come and have a couple of taster sessions so please forward this to anyone who may be interested.

For the first training session please bring your wetsuits as we will probably go in the sea or the sea pool depending on weather and sea state. You don’t have to be a great swimmer to join in, there are several aspects to surf life saving.

Training will be tailored to accommodate all levels of ability and fitness so come along and have fun.


12-May Ins and outs, wading, porpoising, body surfing

We had a good session last week practising efficient surf entry: knee high wading and porpoising and body surfing back in. The water temperature was fine; it certainly helps to wear a swimming hat to prevent ice cream headaches.

This week the surf looks like it may be smaller so there may be a chance to go on the practice boards. There will be plenty of help from Horace and others so please all feel welcome to come and join in. This includes any Nipper/Junior female parents who would like to have a go at what their children do at surf club training.

Non-members are very welcome to come and join in for a couple of “taster sessions”.

Stephanie can’t be there this week but she has a good excuse!!


19-May Board rescues in sea pool

This week we practised picking up a patient on rescue boards. The hardest task was rolling the board to help an unconscious patient onto the board and then getting back on without the patient falling off.


26-May Torpedo rescues, swim to sea pool

Another enjoyable women's training session on Sunday with Mel leading us through the best ways to carry out a tube rescue and ending with a pleasant swim to the sea pool from Summerleaze high tide mark. However “Pam” (you need to attend to find out who) was disappointed that the tube was yellow foam and not a red torpedo. It was great to have ex Ladies Captain, Ali, join us to demonstrate competition style tube rescues.

Next session this Sunday (2nd June) at 6.30pm


02-Jun Rescue boards, low tide

Great fun on Sunday evening practising on the rescue boards. Gorgeous sunny evening, sea temperature much improved (no ice cream headaches). Low tide with choppy waves made conditions quite testing for first timers so, if you coped with that, some nice rolling waves will be a delight.

For those of you who would like to gain a level 2 award in surf swimming (all of you hopefully) the assessment criteria are listed in the attached pdf along with the flag signals that everyone should learn. We will be working towards gaining this award in the next few sessions. Please note the award is assessed in small surf conditions.

The level 2 surf swim award is a pre-requisite for the level 2 board and ski awards which are required for using the club equipment unsupervised.


08-Jun Barrel swim

Lovely conditions for a swim to Barrel Rock. Simon, Steve and Rob joined us and Kieren, Stephen and Logan provided safety cover on boards


09-Jun Skis, board paddle to Earthquake, board peletons

Last week's session in low swell gave us a chance to go ski paddling. The conditions were still a bit challenging as the wind picked up in strength and caused quite a lot of chop in the water. We also had a decent length board paddle round to Earthquake with peleton style racing on the way back.

This week with a bigger surf and low tide most of us will probably go to the canal to work on ski and board paddling technique. Still meet at the club house (Sunday 6.30) and, if you can, please get there a bit early to help load up the craft.

It would be good to have a bit of a social soon - perhaps a drink in the Crooklets Inn (under new, local boy Chris, management) on an evening to be agreed so please have a think about when would be best.

(P.S. do you know your flag signals yet?? - see document sent last week)


16-Jun Canal skis & boards

Last week the canal gave us a good opportunity to practise good board and ski paddling techniques with expert tuition from Sam and Horace, thank you.

"Pamela" managed to scare away the fish from the fisherman on the opposite bank but after a muddy swim impressed us all with how well she kept her balance on the very tippy single racing ski.

It will be high tide but probably windy so conditions will dictate what we can do this Sunday.

We are all going for a drink in the Crooklets Inn after training this Sunday so even if you can't be there for training try to join us in the pub from about 8.15pm on.

P.S. Now that you know all your flag signals (!) have you learnt five ways to identify a rip current?


23-Jun Gym session, pub

Following some requests, Women’s training will start at 6.00pm instead of 6.30pm on Sundays so that we can finish by 7.30pm. Everyone who was at training last week said this was fine but if it is inconvenient for anyone who wasn’t there please let us know.

The sea conditions were very poor on Sunday so Sam gave us a gym induction including showing us how to use the paddling machine which will help with ski paddling.

Training was followed by a visit to the Crooklets inn where we were joined by Horace and a few others for drinks.

Quite a few of us are intending to take the level 2 surf swim award. It is very manageable for everyone but please make sure you can answer the theory sections. Please see the pdf that is attached again which outlines everything needed to complete the award in case you deleted it before.


30-Jun Run swim run, board practice, paddling and patient pick-ups

Not many at training this week for various reasons. The admirable Emma, Liz and Jess were taking part in the triathlon – Well doneeee!

Several new members have been attending training and so far 28 different women have taken part in at least one training session which is brilliant and helps to make the sessions even more enjoyable.

Anyone else thinking of giving it a go please come along at 6pm on Sunday.

We are hoping to carry out assessments for the level 2 surf award very soon so we need to get people registered for the award. The fee is £5 and you must be a full member of Bude SLSC.

Please confirm by replying to this email if you wish to take the award. Even if you aren’t available to take the award in the next couple of weeks please still let us know so you can be registered. There is no obligation to take the awards but awards are needed to be able to take part in competitions and they are not too challenging for anyone.

See you Sunday – tide will be in and it’s gonna be hot, so perfect.

P.S. Now that you know all your flag signals and five ways to identify a rip current can you explain three types of waves?


07-Jul Board paddle Crooklets to Summerleaze, board relays, wade & porpoise, 400m timed swim.

What a great session last week hot and sunny with a glassy 2ft surf! A good turn out and we had plenty of board paddling practice. We finished with some wading and porpoising and a 400m swim that are part of the level 2 surf swim award which everyone completed comfortably within the test time.

With porpoising, wading and body surfing already assessed for most people all that remains to be demonstrated for the practical part of the surf swim level 2 award are how to:

• Support a conscious person using a Rescue Tube and signal to shore

• Fend off someone who may grab you in a panic in the water

For people unable to attend last Sunday there will be other opportunities to complete the surf swim.

A reminder of the theory sections (all the answers are in the pdf sent out previously – please ask if you need another copy):

• Identify marker flags for bathing, craft and dangerous conditions

• Describe three types of rip currents and five ways to identify them

• Explain emergency procedure if in difficulty in a rip current

• Explain three types of waves

• Identify five hazards on the beach

• Demonstrate all signal flag communications


14-Jul Boards and skis, snorkelling on wreck, flags test

What an amazing session at last week’s training. A warm sunny evening with a flat sea not usually desirable but it was ideal for ski paddling out to the lobster pots. The visibility was amazing and we could see shoals of fish and (according to Janey) Irish jelly fish (the pink ringed ones).

We board paddled to snorkel on a wreck that is not always exposed or visible due to conditions but this week has been perfect for that. An exciting experience and plenty to see.

Ali Humphrey who gave us the location of the wreck has done some research and told us that it is the William Tapscott. Ali said that it was a cargo ship sailing from Brazil to Cardiff when it went down in 1888, all of the crew escaped.

For those of you who may be interested:

Ship: 1525 tons: 195' x 41' x 21'

Built: 1852 by William Drummond at Bath, Maine

We may be a bit thin on the ground for training this week as some of us are doing the Padstow to Rock swim, but that is good training in itself.


21-Jul Swim, board relays, board rescues, board paddle to barrel

Nic, Sue, Irene, Isobel and Stephanie completed the nearly 1mile swim across the river Camel from Padstow to Rock. Irene was swimming buddy with Rick Stein!

People who attended training had a very active session practising surf swims, board rescues and board relays along with a lengthy board paddle which was all the more intrepid due to them having to contend with face sucking jelly fish.

We look forward to a mid-tide, lovely, warm (hopefully) session this coming Sunday.


28-Jul Board rescues in sea pool, tube rescues, releases, beach safety

We had a very educational session on Sunday with Sam talking us through beach safety and awareness. We then practised tube and board rescues and Paul taught us some safety releases from panicking swimmers.

We are now trying to get organised for the upcoming Anniversary (Vicko’s) Carnival on August 10th.


04-Aug Surf swim, board rescues in the sea, after care of patient

Thank you to Paul Cottle who took our training last night. We did a surf swim out through the “conveyor belt” of the river rip on Summerleaze that spat us out near cross rock. This was followed by several goes at picking up a conscious patient on a rescue board and bringing them back in through the surf. We also discussed and practised after care of people that have been rescued.

Emma is in holiday mode and is hoping we’ll all fancy fish and chips in Rosie’s after next Sundays training possibly followed by a drink in the Crooklets.

Please remember it is the Anniversary Carnival this week end (no you don’t dress up for it and go on a float!). It would be good if we could put some of our training into practice and join in some of the events. It is very low key and should be good fun with all ages from youngest Nippers (7 years) through to people even older than I.

There are some more details below. Even if you are not taking part please come along to support the event. Everyone is asked to bring a plate of finger food for afternoon tea – if you haven’t been allocated something specific just bring along something simple and tasty!

Vickos 60th Anniversary Carnival - What is it all about?

Vicko is a Bude SLSC legend! He joined Bude SLSC when he was 10 years old in 1953 as a cadet. He started a traditional surf carnival for our 50th anniversary and 10 years on it is still running. The surf carnival is a fun competition covering all disciplines.

It is being held on the very anniversary that the first ever Bronze medallion qualification was taken on 10th August 1953! So what a day!

Hopefully, our club chairman, Adrian ‘Horace’ Parsons will complete his 1300 mile bike ride around surf life saving clubs of Britain will finish at the club at 10am! (for more information on this, please visit Surf Life Cycle facebook page!). ... exactly when the carnival will start!

After the events, there will be a medal presentation, afternoon tea, some more fun (!) and then an evening of live music and more celebration. We will have a marquee in the back of the club which will be available if anyone wants to camp over.

Date, time and place

• Saturday 10th August 2013 at Bude SLSC

• Registration at 9am. Tea and coffee will be available at the club house (help yourself)

• Bude SLSC at Crooklets Beach. (Events may be moved to Summerleaze depending on surf and you will be advised the day before)

Then there is more on the Sunday....!


11-Aug Fish and chips

What a great week end for the anniversary celebrations. Conditions were ideal for the carnival and thank you for such a great turnout. From amongst the senior and intermediate women who have attended training this year we had a total of 20 who either took part in the events or helped with the running of events so very well done. Special bravery awards must go to new members Irene and Isobel who “so willingly” took part in the beach flags event. Isobel hadn’t even seen a beach flags event before and she can’t wait to have another go ;-). Isobel’s real talent was demonstrated when she sprinted the entire distance in the 1km run.

With people having used long dormant muscles over the week end and consequently finding even walking on Sunday quite hard and some of us also recovering from the very generous portions of wine served in the marquee on Saturday night it was decided that everyone deserved a jolly good rest so training on Sunday was abandoned in favour of a fish and chips nosh in Rosie’s Café. Water babe Deb and welcome new member Fay scoffed at this and headed off back into the sea to be joined later by Ali. Stephanie went home to bed!

Next week we’ll be back to normal training at 6pm.

To be discussed: There is a fund raising relay swim in the sea pool on September 28th. The idea is for teams to swim the distance of the English Channel a total of 22 miles. Please have a think about it and if there is enough interest we’ll put in a team. We would need 22 people to swim about a mile each (18 lengths) and we could work out a way of doing this in small groups so no need to swim 18 lengths in one go. For more info:


22nd August Board rescues of conscious and unconscious patient

Last Sunday sea conditions were treacherous so prudence dictated training in the sea pool. Smooth coordinated paddling techniques developed and everyone nailed the conscious patient rescue. It was great to have Charlotte along to put her NaRS training into practise teaching her Mum; quite interesting when the parent becomes the pupil.

However…. unconscious rescue is still a work in progress with plenty of capsizing, nose dives and even crushing of patients (Irene). Emma looked like she was going to need resuscitating as her lips turned blue through lack of oxygen. Why?.......she was laughing so much she ran out of air.

For the charity Channel Challenge swim teams must be made up of a maximum of 22 swimmers. Each person in a team swims one mile before the next person in the team swims. Please let us know if you are willing to be included. This is an excellent way for us to work together as a team to support our extremely important sea pool.

More details:

Reminder: The club 60th anniversary dinner is taking place at Penstowe Manor on Saturday 19th October. A brilliant chance to scrub up and have a good nosh and bop!

More info and tickets from Jayne Ensell Bowen

See you at training at 6pm as usual this Sunday.


3rd September Run swim runs, paced swimming

So far this season we have had 17 weeks of training sessions; 36 different women have attended at least one training session with 25 women attending three or more sessions. From the responses of everyone who has taken part so enthusiastically, I hope you will agree it has been very enjoyable as well as edifying thanks to our dedicated and marvellous coaches Horace, Sam and Paul. Well done all!

We had a busy week to round off a great summer of training:

On Sunday 25th Horace had everyone doing run swim runs with a view to establishing benchmark fitness levels to improve on. We also did some length swims, changing pace as we went and Horace emphasised the need to work on technique and speed to build strength and endurance rather than just plodding up and down.

In the middle of the week we were treated to a surfing lesson with brilliant teaching from Simon Hammond. The surf was quite messy so it was an achievement just to catch waves but everyone was successful at staying on waves and trimming and changing direction. It was great fun and left us all wanting more.

Last Sunday, with Sam and Paul, we put all the pool rescue board training into practice and ventured into very challenging surf conditions. (Does that sound like school teacher speak?) Sam took beginners and worked on catching waves and trim (where should your hands be?). More experienced rescue board riders practised punching through waves paddling out and riding back in across waves kneeling up. As the tide receded onto a bank the waves became quite dumpy and with the unrelenting short wave period the whole session was an overall body work out with plenty of washing machine rolls.

This coming training session (Sunday 8th) will be our last formal session with coaches Horace, Sam and Paul so let’s make it a really good one with as many as can make it taking part and then we’ll finish off with a social. How about bringing a drink and a snack and we’ll do some training and come back for a shower and a drink in the club house? Everyone is welcome even if you can’t make it to training we’ll be back in the club around 7.40pm.

We aim to carry on with training through the winter but this will be arranged more on an ad hoc basis to suit availability and conditions. This will include ski paddling on the canal, gym, pool and sea sessions. Please let us know if you wish to be kept informed about this. New people, as ever, are always welcome, the idea is to have fun and learn safely at your own level in a group.

Be there on Sunday! (even if you haven’t made it for a while).


8th September Final beach session

We returned to childhood with our final session lead by Sam’s and Paul’s excellent example. Dive bombs in the pool and wave jumping into the sea. This was rounded off with sumptuous snacks and plenty of drinks. The women paid tribute to our wonderful coaches recognising the generous amount of time they have given to provide varied, fun and edifying sessions. They were presented with a gift in a token demonstration of our appreciation. Thank you so much RS, Sam and Paul.

It has been a great year with several new members joining in training which has made it all really good fun and I hope people are pleased with what they have learnt. Several people have achieved surf competence awards and we had a brilliant level of participation in Vicko’s carnival. People have also been diligent in patrolling and some such as Jess have joined in other activities such as the Stillwater event and points score.


Everyone has joined in training with fantastic enthusiasm. Awards based on what has been witnessed at training were presented to everyone who has attended 10 or more sessions as follows:

Isobel – The Bravery award. The first mention is for someone who hasn’t attended as many as 10 sessions as she was off touring America for the first part of the season. However as a newcomer she was very brave in entering several events at Vicko’s carnival including the flags an event she had never even seen before.

Helen – The Siren award for when we were snorkelling on the wreck she needed to be clamped down to the rescue board to avoid the lure of the sirens calling her into the deep.

Mel – The Smiley award for having the biggest grin throughout any training session.

Alison – The Handbag award and I hope this is accepted with the right humour but I thought I needed to return the dummy that she spat out when she discovered we weren’t taking a team to the nationals. She also sadly missed out on Vicko’s carnival as Will was injured. However her annoyance showed what a keen member she is. During this season Ali took part in the Stillwater event and attained her level 2 surf and board awards.

Deb - The Fish award. Deb not only attended the greatest number of training sessions but whenever I have seen her she is either just going into the sea or she is just getting out. She even went into the sea rather than come for fish and chips so I think secretly she is a fish and can’t stay out of the water for too long.

Nicky G. – The Glamorous Mermaid award. Nicky has joined in enthusiastically with everything we have done and has been working extremely hard on toning her body with her new fitness regime so with her long blond hair and the best bum when kneeling on the rescue board she gets the glamorous mermaid award.

Emma – The O2 award for laughing so much in training her lips went blue due to lack of oxygen so I thought she ought to carry with her an oxygen tank.

Sarah – The Pamela award. Last but not least the Pamela award goes to Sarah. When Sarah joined the club she had envisioned her perfect bikini clad body running in slow motion down the beach clutching a phallic like torpedo. Unfortunately at the much anticipated tube rescue practice she discovered that we now use ugly yellow foam. Nevertheless she has persisted in the club and for someone with a flat water back ground she has had a go at everything making great progress even managing eventually to stay upright and negotiate the canal on the very wobbly racing ski.

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