"Welcome to the new home of Bude SLSC. 2020 has seen many world changes and the oldest SLS club in the UK are leading the way with a Plastic free/ Organic / Recycled range of club clothing. Obviously cost and availability of products changes with these factors, but hopefully we have been able to create a range, that members are proud to wear... Many thanks to Ella and the committee for taking these steps to helping to create a plastic free ocean."




The club has spent many months contacting different suppliers to find the best swimwear products for our members. This has been a drawn out process due to limitations in what different suppliers can offer and the ordering times of different samples. Our aim was to find swimwear that is durable, long-lasting and reasonably priced.


Previous club swimwear has been red, with either yellow or white detailing. Whilst looking through different samples, we found that the Speedo swimwear was the best quality, but that red is not available in the full range of sizes we require. We feel it's important that our swimwear is the same for all ages. This is why as a committee we made the decision to use the yellow version of the clubs new logo along with navy blue as our base colour. The club logo on the front is embroidered, whereas the 'BUDE' text on the back is printed to avoid irritation and is printed in our club colours of red and yellow.

We will be accepting orders at the following dates:

  • September 1st - 7th

  • November 1st - 7th

The deadline dates must be strict to avoid delays in placing an order with our supplier.

We must meet a minimum of 12 orders for each batch. In the event that we do not meet this minimum order number, your payment will be carried over to the next order batch.

Due to our custom design, our supplier will not accept returns or exchanges so please ensure that you order the correct size (size guide in photos). Returns or exchanges can only be made to the manufacturer if the product is faulty.


If you have any difficulties placing your order, please contact -