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"To be effective lifesavers our skills are critical which is why training is an integral part of the club's activities. From Nippers to Masters we all train, even if we look like we're just having fun! We are fortunate to have in our club an amazing team of coaches, trainers and assessors who deliver the training needed to keep ourselves and the wider community safe. SLSGB have a huge range of awards that recognise our skills and there really is something for everyone, even if you don't like getting wet. Some club members take awards to further their own ambitions, some to compete, some to serve the club delivering training and keeping us all safe, and some of us just do it for the challenge. If you have skills you think we can use then we want to hear from you, if you want to learn new stuff then just ask. All we ask for is enthusiasm." Mark Ward, Chief Instructor


“The Nippers section of the club is an exciting and thriving group, with ninety 7-11 year olds training and competing at both county and national levels.Training takes place on a Thursday night, with indoor sessions taking place from November until April and beach sessions from May to September. Our winter training is made up of fun swim and board work focusing on speed and endurance. Our Nippers enjoy manikin and tube rescue drills, swim fin training and focusing on underwater work. 


Our summer beach training follows 3 elements. Beach sessions focus on sprints, relays, endurance runs and beach flags. In the sea and when using Bude Sea Pool we develop swim confidence; looking at open water swimming technique for sprints and endurance, breathing technique and ways of entering and exiting the sea in races by porpoising and body surfing. Board sessions see our nippers really enjoying themselves in the surf. They work on paddling techniques for both sprint and endurance events, relays and rescues, as well as ways of entering and exiting the surf safely and effectively.”

- Liz Stokes, Nippers Lead

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"We welcome both new members and those that are graduating from the Nipper’s section aged 12 to 18. We aim to build on the skills gained as Nippers with a view to progressing to a level where members are fully independent, competent and safe on the beach and in the sea. It also prepares them for the lifeguard course should they want to take this qualification when they are 16, or competitions should they wish to represent the club at a variety of events at locations both locally and nationally. Our summer training takes place on Thursday evenings between 18:30 and 20:00 and covers outdoor skills like sea swimming, board paddling, rescue techniques and beach skills. The winter sessions are Sunday afternoons being either pool based or indoor first aid sessions."


- Zerren Bell - Club Captain

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"The clubs Master’s section is open to any adult over the age of 18 who wants to learn to use a rescue board, surf ski, how to swim safely in the sea and participate in beach running activities with a bunch of like-minded people. 


Our normal training slot is 10am on a Saturday morning for around 2 hours. Depending on the sea conditions, we can make a call on whether we are going to use the ocean, the beach, Bude Sea Pool or Bude Canal.


Our Saturday morning sessions can include anything from sea or pool swimming, rescue board paddling, to practicing beach drills and using surf skis in the sea or canal. We run these training sessions all year round, weather dependent with additional swim fitness training indoors during the winter.  


Our aim is to help Masters of all abilities to improve their fitness, ocean skills and possibly enter regional and national competitions. However the most important thing is to have some fun in the process." 

- James Sirmon, Mens Captain

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"Women’s training is open for all abilities and all ages from 18 years and upwards. In the summer season we train on Sunday evenings from 17:30 - 19:00. In the winter months we have swim fitness sessions in Splash, and sometimes meet for circuit or gym training at the club.The weekly training is tailored around the weather and surf conditions. We try and get a good balance of all the disciplines involved with surf lifesaving. This will include swim training both in the sea and in Bude Sea Pool, rescue and racing board practice, and racing ski paddling in Bude Canal and  in the sea. 


Our group of women are made up of all abilities. We do our best to help those who want to push themselves competitively for fitness, or competitions; and for those who are starting out in the sport. We can offer the training skills needed to progress safely.  Whether you want to win a competition or just increase your confidence in the water, heading out as a group of friends, with qualified lifeguards and coaches is a great way to progress in a fun and encouraging environment."

- Mel Bardsley, Ladies Captain

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